As a State House Representative, Brian will put his experience and expertise to work to help small businesses succeed and create good paying jobs, provide all Coloradans with affordable healthcare, make certain that our Veterans get the resources they deserve, and enhance our schools through technology and infrastructure

Jobs and the Economy – technology is revolutionizing the way we work. Brian will take advantage of his background in technology and information systems to make technology work for us by:

  • Promoting new industries such as Internet-based services and environmental goods and services where technical changes are leading to real job growth
  • Creating efficiencies for small businesses by integrating local government resources online for incentive programs and procurement assistance
  • Using local bid contracts to improve government technology infrastructure
  • Supporting technology regulatory reform providing information safeguards and security in Financials IT, Banking, and Healthcare

Education – economic activity is becoming increasingly knowledge-based and jobs are shifting from low to high-skilled workers. Through education, we can give our children the tools they need to be the pillars of our future prosperity by:

  • Cultivating education programs and curriculum that allows our universities and colleges to compete in the knowledge-based economy
  • Providing more sustainability to our educational resources and information technology sector
  • Promote smart infrastructure access for educational institutions like smart grids and high-speed internet

Veterans – An Army Veteran from Iraq and Afghanistan, Brian currently lives with his younger brother who was severely wounded while serving in the Marine Corps. Brian will continue to work tirelessly to make certain our Veterans get the resources they have earned. Brian will fight to:

  • Provide training programs that allow active involvement between employers and returning combat veterans
  • Ensure that veterans have the access to education benefits that enable them to continue higher education and advanced degrees
  • Address the issues that face veterans mental health issues including homelessness, substance abuse, PTSD, and TBI
  • Bring attention to issues unique to women returning from combat deployments and give them the resources they need

Healthcare – a healthy population is a productive population. Lack of best computer desk insurance coverage, skyrocketing costs, and insurance company predation are serious impediments to our success as a community. Brian will make health reform a priority by:

  • Investing in improved health information technology to bring large cost savings and better coordinated care
  • Expanding access to meaningful health insurance coverage
  • Prioritizing effective preventive care and delivery system reform
  • Working to provide equality in healthcare for domestic partnerships