Colorado for Carroll

I am running for office because the crisis we face as a State and a nation is very personal to me. I’ve spent the past 7 years serving with Army Special Forces, Special Operations Command, between Afghanistan and Iraq. I come from a legacy of military service and I felt the need and desire to continue the military tradition throughout my family. But it wasn’t until my brother Sean, one of my 6 younger brothers, was ambushed in an IED attack and nearly died that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the struggles we face in our great state of Colorado became real and personal.

During my active duty, in Afghanistan and Iraq, I saw firsthand the atrocities of the Taliban and political extremism, the lack of education for local youth, the poor quality of healthcare, and the poor treatment of women. Through my work and the work of countless other brave men and women, we were able to assist in eliminating the influence of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, bring technology and infrastructure to remote regions greatly enhancing local schools and medical clinics, and worked to make certain that local people, especially women, could exercise their right to vote.

In Iraq and Afghanistan I was spending time succesfully meeting the needs of communities. After 6 years away from Colorado, I was saddened to return home to see so many needs not being met in our community. That is why I am running for the Colorado State House of Representatives – to bring my proven leadership, energy, and expertise to successfully tackle the 21st century problems that we face in District 28, the Metro Area and the State of Colorado; because 21st century problems deserve 21st century solutions.

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