Winchester Gun Safe Review by Experts

Winchester has been into manufacturing business for more than hundred centuries. They have been serving the customers to protect their guns from unauthorized users. Winchester is the first manufacturer who builds gun safe has been registered and recognized by officials. All of their products have gone through an extensive test to confirm their quality and features. Winchester has a wide range of guns safe collection which varies from weight, size, design and capacity.

Winchester Gun Safe

Generally, the safe gun manufactured by Winchester gun safe price starts from $1000 and their second product starts from $1500, their safes are expensive while other safe gun manufacturers are offering better services than Winchester but Winchester has been around for a long time and they have build trust among people. The Winchester have used good metal to build the gun safe to protect it from the burglar, fire, and even theft. Winchester products are more safe and secure if you want to be tension free.

When you look around for other guns safe, you will not find Winchester features like bigger lock bolts, better protection from fire and thickness of safe.

So let’s jump over to the quick list of Winchester Guns safe.

Silverado Premier 23 24-Gun:

Black Gloss Fire-Safe Electronic Lock is another fabulous product from Winchester, this is the confirmation that you are dealing with the best in the business. If we take a look at the specs we can understand the product even more. If you want something compact and faster, you can opt for biometric gun safes. We have done an extensive research and here is the list of best biometric gun safes available in the market.

  • No can penetrate the outside because Winchester Silverado Premier has some extra powerful resistant plate.
  • The total capacity of storage of long gun is 24.
  • It has Auxiliary relocker to protect the Silverado premier lock from physical attacks.
  • Body construction is quite well built with 10 Gauge high end steel.
  • Chamberlain disc has is integrated to protect the lock from hard drilling.
  • It has around 5 layers of fire board outside of the door and 4 fireboard layers inside the body to protect from fire.
  • The first company which has gone through test to earn UL listed RSC certificate for burglar protection.
  • All of these features cost you around $2485, which is quite expensive.

Next up is Winchester Safes Silverado Premier 38 51-Gun Fire-Safe Electronic Lock, which is another but next version of Silverado Premier 23 24-Gun and it is even more expensive.

Silverado Premier 38 51-Guns:

Let’s see what features does Silverado Premier 38 51-Gun has.

  • The Silverado Premier 38 51-Gun u=is capable of withstanding the fire for 2 hours continuously.
  • The first company which has gone through test to earn UL listed RSC certificate for burglar protection.
  • The Silverado Premier 38 51-Gun 14 massive solid steel 1.5 in. locking bolts
  • Silverado Premier 38 51-Gun has 1.5 inches bolts.
  • It has around 5 layers of fire board outside of the door and 4 fireboard layers inside the body to protect from fire.
  • It has Auxiliary relocked to protect the Silverado premier lock from physical attacks.
  • Chamberlain disc has is integrated to protect the lock from hard drilling.
  • Silverado Premier 38 51-Gun comes at price of $2574.

Nowadays Winchester has electronic locks on each and every model they are releasing. You can buy these electronic version and access the Winchester gun safe faster than before.

Legacy Premier 26 28-Gun:

The quality build of the Legacy Premier 26 28-Gun is quite good and it is made from high end quality metal. The price of the Legacy Premier 26 28-Gun $3,976 making it the most expensive guns safe in the list.

Legacy Premier 26 28-Gun can withstand up to 2.5 hours of fire torture. The locking bolts size is around 2 inches making it strong bolts in the list.


We have introduced three most expensive but the best security guns safe are proven to be the reliable guns safe. The prices vary from specifications and features.