Meet Brian


Brian Carroll’s unique blend of military service, proven leadership qualities, and homegrown western values makes him the right choice to represent House District 28 and the State of Colorado as we tackle the tough challenges ahead. Brian’s impressive background includes:

  • Raised in Idaho Springs, Colorado by his father, a Vietnam era Veteran and a union painter, with his 6 younger brothers
  • Served two tours of duty in Afghanistan as team lead for the Information Management Division of Army 3rd Special Forces Group, working with U.S. Forces and local communities to build infrastructure and information technology in schools and medical clinics throughout remote regions of the country
  • Volunteered for one tour of duty in Iraq with a Special Operations Task Force as a Systems Administrator and was later appointed the Voting Assistance Officer helping to ensure free and fair elections
  • Center for Progressive Leadership Fellow – committed to building progressive leadership that embodies the full diversity of Colorado’s communities.
  • Veterans Affairs for Colorado Constituents in Senator Mark Udall’s state office – assisted military and veteran constituents with cases pertaining to healthcare, housing, the Department of Veterans Affairs and DADT repeal

Rocky Mountain Upbringing

Brian and his six brothers grew up in a working-class household in Idaho Springs, Colorado. Brian’s father, a Vietnam era Veteran, worked hard as a union painter and instilled those values and work-ethic in his sons. The oldest of 6 boys, Brian learned the value of hard work at an early age.

Military Legacy

A three tour Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, Brian has continued a family commitment to serving our country and dedication to civic engagement. His grandfather served in World War II having fought on the beaches of Normandy and at the Battle of the Bulge. His great uncle fought during the Korean War. His father was a Vietnam era veteran. His brother Sean joined the Marine Corps and fought in Iraq. After Brian enlisted in the Army, his younger brother Michael joined the Navy in 2005.

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Family Values

In early 2004, Sean’s unit was ambushed in an IED attack and Sean suffered life-threatening injuries, losing his right leg. Brian and his entire family rotated a schedule in order to take care of Sean as he came out of his coma and slowly recovered. Brian returned home to Colorado in the summer of 2004 and enlisted in the United States Army.

Fighting for us Abroad

Brian completed Basic Training, Advanced Individual Training and was assigned to 3rd Special Forces Group as a U.S. Army Paratrooper serving as a team lead for the Information Management Division for three combat tours; Afghanistan in 2006 and 2007 and Iraq in 2008. Carroll specialized in building infrastructure and information technology resources throughout remote regions of Afghanistan and Iraq and worked with U.S Forces and local communities to build schools and medical clinics. During the final few weeks of Brian’s last deployment to Afghanistan, he volunteered for critical missions in Iraq. In addition to his normal duties overseeing the Information Management Division, he was also appointed to serve as Special Operations Task Force Voting Assistance Officer, where he oversaw the election process and provided U.S. Forces with voting resources and information.

Fighting for us at Home

Brian separated from Active Duty and decided to continue his service with the Colorado Army National Guard, 19th Special Forces Group, returning home to his family and friends in Colorado after 6 years. Upon returning home, Brian became active in Stonewall Democrats and was selected as a Fellow with the Center for Progressive Leadership. Brian also assisted military and veteran constituents in Senator Mark Udall’s Colorado office, working on cases pertaining to healthcare, housing and the Department of Veterans Affairs and became active in the repeal process of DADT.

Brian currently live in Lakewood with his brothers Sean, Joshua and Michael and his two dogs.



As a State House Representative, Brian will put his experience and expertise to work to help small businesses succeed and create good paying jobs, provide all Coloradans with affordable healthcare, make certain that our Veterans get the resources they deserve, and enhance our schools through technology and infrastructure

Jobs and the Economy – technology is revolutionizing the way we work. Brian will take advantage of his background in technology and information systems to make technology work for us by:

  • Promoting new industries such as Internet-based services and environmental goods and services where technical changes are leading to real job growth
  • Creating efficiencies for small businesses by integrating local government resources online for incentive programs and procurement assistance
  • Using local bid contracts to improve government technology infrastructure
  • Supporting technology regulatory reform providing information safeguards and security in Financials IT, Banking, and Healthcare

Education – economic activity is becoming increasingly knowledge-based and jobs are shifting from low to high-skilled workers. Through education, we can give our children the tools they need to be the pillars of our future prosperity by:

  • Cultivating education programs and curriculum that allows our universities and colleges to compete in the knowledge-based economy
  • Providing more sustainability to our educational resources and information technology sector
  • Promote smart infrastructure access for educational institutions like smart grids and high-speed internet

Veterans – An Army Veteran from Iraq and Afghanistan, Brian currently lives with his younger brother who was severely wounded while serving in the Marine Corps. Brian will continue to work tirelessly to make certain our Veterans get the resources they have earned. Brian will fight to:

  • Provide training programs that allow active involvement between employers and returning combat veterans
  • Ensure that veterans have the access to education benefits that enable them to continue higher education and advanced degrees
  • Address the issues that face veterans mental health issues including homelessness, substance abuse, PTSD, and TBI
  • Bring attention to issues unique to women returning from combat deployments and give them the resources they need

Healthcare – a healthy population is a productive population. Lack of best computer desk insurance coverage, skyrocketing costs, and insurance company predation are serious impediments to our success as a community. Brian will make health reform a priority by:

  • Investing in improved health information technology to bring large cost savings and better coordinated care
  • Expanding access to meaningful health insurance coverage
  • Prioritizing effective preventive care and delivery system reform
  • Working to provide equality in healthcare for domestic partnerships

Colorado for Carroll

I am running for office because the crisis we face as a State and a nation is very personal to me. I’ve spent the past 7 years serving with Army Special Forces, Special Operations Command, between Afghanistan and Iraq. I come from a legacy of military service and I felt the need and desire to continue the military tradition throughout my family. But it wasn’t until my brother Sean, one of my 6 younger brothers, was ambushed in an IED attack and nearly died that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the struggles we face in our great state of Colorado became real and personal.

During my active duty, in Afghanistan and Iraq, I saw firsthand the atrocities of the Taliban and political extremism, the lack of education for local youth, the poor quality of healthcare, and the poor treatment of women. Through my work and the work of countless other brave men and women, we were able to assist in eliminating the influence of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, bring technology and infrastructure to remote regions greatly enhancing local schools and medical clinics, and worked to make certain that local people, especially women, could exercise their right to vote.

In Iraq and Afghanistan I was spending time succesfully meeting the needs of communities. After 6 years away from Colorado, I was saddened to return home to see so many needs not being met in our community. That is why I am running for the Colorado State House of Representatives – to bring my proven leadership, energy, and expertise to successfully tackle the 21st century problems that we face in District 28, the Metro Area and the State of Colorado; because 21st century problems deserve 21st century solutions.

Find out more about me here on my website and checkback often as we will have regular updates about what we are doing and where we will be. And dont forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.